Day 2: Sit

IMG_1708Every workday, I am up at 6 AM.

OK, my alarm goes off at 6 AM. Then I hit the snooze button. Nine minutes later, I get up.

Usually. Sometimes, it’s a two-snooze kind of morning.

Then I head downstairs, get the coffee going, get the lunches made for the kids, get the breakfast going, get me going… and so on.

It turns out that it takes nine minutes for my coffee maker to brew a pot of coffee: that’s the same amount of time it takes me to pretend it’s not really morning and roll over in bed.

One of my themes for the year is to monotask more. So today’s experiment in simplicity is going to be as simple as it can get. I am going to sit for the nine minutes it takes to brew a pot of coffee.

Big accomplishment, right?

Call it a morning meditation if you wish, but that’s my goal. Nine minutes: not for planning out the day, or making out a mental to-do list, or previewing/rerunning various real and imagined conversations in my head.

Just sitting.

And then, when the coffee is finished brewing, I’m going to pour a cup and sit some more… maybe six whole additional minutes to smell and taste that first cup of coffee, alone in the kitchen before anyone else is up, and before the rush of the day sweeps me along.

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9 Responses to Day 2: Sit

  1. mary says:

    good luck with that – let me know how it went.

    • Mark says:

      The monotasking is really going to be the biggest challenge of the year. The sitting isn’t as hard as getting past the feeling that I should be doing something else. Weekday mornings are a steady onslaught of something elses–but certainly I can carve out 15 minutes each day just to sit, right?

  2. pencilgrub says:

    I like. Typically, I start drinking the pot as soon as one cup of liquid can be poured.

    • Mark says:

      I have to laugh at myself when I admit that 15 minutes seems like such a big time commitment! It really points out to me how much of my first moments each morning are a frantic rush.

  3. Sounds just about perfect to me!

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  5. I am enjoying your posts. I have to force myself sometimes to just sit and do nothing. My Type A personality leads me to always be busy and I am definitely a multi-tasker. I, too, for 2014 am becoming more relaxed, minimal, and simplistic. I have a meditation area and practice for 15 minutes each evening after turning off my computer and phone. Good luck on your journey.

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