Day 362: Entrust

What else have I learned? That I like to share.

Sure, I get it. I can only experience my own experiences. This moment is, fundamentally, my moment to live.

But still: I like to share.

I think of all the experiences I have had this year, and how many have involved my family and my friends–or in some instances “total strangers” with whom I connected with, if only for a moment, to share a moment.

And I suppose that explains why I would choose to blog this past year. Knowing that I have been sharing my thoughts and reflections with someone other than myself has made me take this daily discipline just a little more seriously. So thanks for that–and thanks for those of you who, in day to day life or through comments on this blog, shared a little bit of your life with me this year as well.

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2 Responses to Day 362: Entrust

  1. Thank you for sharing! I’ve enjoyed following you this year and i hope you won’t stop blogging all together, I’ll miss hearing from you!

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