Day 4: Provide

IMG_1710Does this pantry drive you nuts? It drives me nuts.

Every single day.

I mean look at all that stuff, one thing piled on top of another, and nothing  within reach. Several times a day, I open up the pantry and cuss at the chaos, pull out whatever I need, and then quickly rearrange the piles to keep them from tumbling out onto the floor before I close the pantry doors. I reminds me of a line I once heard from a stand-up comedian:

Sure I’d like to lose weight, but what can one man do?

So this morning, I decided to simplify my provisions–discard what needed discarding and arrange the rest so that what I needed would be right there before my eyes.

IMG_1719I think the most interesting thing about this task was not so much discovering what I didn’t need, but rather seeing just how much I had. I have so much tea! I really can’t see why I would need to buy another box or bag until I use up what I have. And the same goes for pasta, and rice, and crackers, and so on….

In comparing these two pictures, you may not see what looks like a radical change–and I suppose it’s not. I really tried not to discard anything that I could use to prepare a meal in the near future–but a little attention to arrangement has eliminated a daily frustration and simplified my food prep, if only a little.

Sure, I could have called today’s entry “organize,” but I like the word “provide.” This little exercise has helped me to attend to what I already have, and to see abundance in place of clutter.

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1 Response to Day 4: Provide

  1. Mark says:

    I’m rereading my entries from last year–and will probably comment now and then along the way. So here’s my first.

    Seeing that “before” photo was really pretty startling! I remember that pantry in all of its super-abundance on unnecessary provisions…. In our new home, we have a smaller pantry. I already did a big sweep-through of passed-expiration-date canned goods, but today’s reread is a good reminder to have a look at how I’ve arranged the provisions of my daily life. Am I accepting chaotic clutter where I could have more simplicity and order?

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