Day 25: Shed

IMG_1826OK, no one is ever going to accuse me of sartorial splendor, that’s for sure. Still, as with my now-culled t-shirt collection, the clothes I do have hanging in my closet are definitely more than enough.

The truth is, there are plenty of things I am holding onto that I haven’t worn in years–maybe even decades in some cases. Then there are the clothes that no longer fit (which I guess I’m holding onto just in case I gain back 30 or so pounds?) And then there are the clothes I’ve never worn–gifts, mostly, or hand-me-down suits from an uncle or my father-in-law, that I’ve felt too guilty about to simply toss away.

Well, today is the day to get over all of that and shed as much unwanted or unneeded clothing as possible.

As I did before, I went about this process in a couple of rounds. The first go was easy. The second round I slowed down, started trying on pants, imagining whether or not a day would come when one of my sons would want a thin, red, polyester knit tie, etc. The third go-around, I stopped thinking too hard and simply asked myself: if I haven’t worn it in a couple of years, what makes me think I’m going to wear it now?

I didn’t count what stayed on my shelves and on hangers at the end of the day, but here’s what I did manage to shed:

  • 10 sweaters/sweatshirts
  • 21 shirts
  • 10 pairs of pants
  • 12 pairs of shorts
  • 7 sport coats
  • 9 ties
  • 6 belts
  • 5 pairs of shoes
  • 1 vest

That was four full bags of clothes, which will head off to the Salvation Army or some other charity over the next couple of days.IMG_1836

Today’s exercise, of course, wasn’t just about winning a little more closet space or losing some of the clutter in the bedroom. It really provided me with an opportunity to challenge some of the default thinking I have, namely: let me hold onto this (fill in the blank) for a little bit longer, just in case…. What I’m never too sure of is how that sentence ends: in case of what? I am sure that everything I tossed today will not be missed–by me, or my children, or by the people who gave me gifts and hand-me-downs.

So why do I hold onto stuff for so long?

It’s definitely time to let go of the things I don’t need–especially those things that I’m only holding onto because, well, because I’ve held onto to them for so long.

As I was loading up all those bags, I still caught myself hesitating: But wait! Maybe some of this stuff could be worth good money!

And the chances of that are about as good as one of my kids wanting that polyester knit tie in a few years.

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4 Responses to Day 25: Shed

  1. I gave away my last few “but they could be worth something”-clothes yesterday, the ten items or so that I didn’t get rid of when I first cleaned my closet. I just came to the conclusion that yes, they might be worth something, but I can manage without that money.
    Anyway, good job, especially facing the why’s of holding on.

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for your comments. Yeah, now that I’m tackling to bedroom-as-a-room (which is today’s focus) I find myself thinking the same thing once again! We’ve had a changing table in our bedroom for years (our youngest will be 8yrs old in about a week). So do I drop it off at Salvation Army or commit the time needed for trying to sell it? I guess it’s a question of costs (time, effort, priorities) vs. gains (a couple of bucks).

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