Day 62: Detach

IMG_2070…with love, of course, as the saying goes.

So tonight is going to have to be another Monday evening quickie.

Not too long ago, I read about another blogger’s refrigerator magnet de-clutter project. Admittedly, it’s not a major, life-changing undertaking to clear off your fridge, but that’s about the portion size I need for today, so that’s the task that I took on.

We have stuff on our refrigerator that has been there for years. Case in point–the kids are well beyond three-letter “spelling machine” toys, but our fridge is still covered with plastic letter magnets. All of that stuff: detached from the fridge and sent down to the basement, awaiting the IMG_2072next charity pick-up. Then there are the random, assorted freebie magnets that showed up in our house through some form of junk mail or solicitation. One calendar magnet, advertising a local realtor, dated back to 2010. Pretty much all of those went in the trash (except the poison control magnet and the urgent care magnet). And then there are the random bits of paper that manage to get attached to the fridge as well.

The hardest part–the pictures. Some of the old photos really didn’t have much sentimental value to them in the first place. Those were the easy ones. But some of those cute pictures from when the kids were really young…well, those will just have to stay up.

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6 Responses to Day 62: Detach

  1. It does seem like a small thing, but the whole kitchen feels less chaotic when the fridge is decluttered. And yay! Before and after pictures! 🙂

  2. A little everyday is better then none at all. And if you do nothing one day. That’s ok too!

  3. brendaluper says:

    Love the posts and the “little steps” that’s the intent with the 15 Minute-A-Day, if I tried to do a whole bookshelf rather than the shelf I’d never make progress. A bookshelf, drawer or shoes…I can tackle those even during the week. Keep it going Mark!

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