Day 90: Report

OK, so if I were a business of some sort, it would be time for my quarterly report.

It’s hard to believe that three months have gone by. At the same time though, (and isn’t this always the case) when I look back over the days as moments and experiences–instead of as just rows of boxes on a calendar–the first day of January seems like a very long time ago indeed.

So today I think a little accounting is in order: three months in, what are my assets, and what have I profited? And what are my debts and deficits?

First, it is probably worth acknowledging that I do feel that I have been on a journey of sorts. Some things are very much the same, of course, but in many other, little ways, I can feel a shift in how I look at my daily actions and the spaces in which they take place. And I also feel like I have been on a journey with others too–those of you who have followed this blog, or commented on it–as well as friends who may not comment in print, but who do so regularly in our day-to-day conversations. I wouldn’t say I’m excessively private, but it has been interesting to open up in this way to so many of you.

I can also say that I think very differently about the house we are living in. To be honest, over the ten years we have lived here, I’ve done far more complaining about things than I have done to create a space of comfort and calm for myself and my family. Now (ironically, since we will most likely be moving out of it soon) it feels more like a home than ever before.

I feel like I also cherish quiet more than before and actively seek out moments to quiet my thoughts, my body, and my environment. Along the way, I’ve also managed to cobble together some sort of discipline or practice to tie one day’s intentions to the next. And that has included trying to connect with others (back to community, I guess) who are like-minded in their desire for simplicity and mindfulness.

And perhaps most importantly: I have come to recognize a wax and wane in all of this as well. By no means has this been perfect progress (whatever that would be). I can still go off-beam, as I have done at times over the past thirteen weeks, but I also manage to get myself back on track as long as I can continue to recommit to living more simply and deliberately. And all of this can happen in the course of a few days–or even within the same day.

Bottom line: it has been a worthwhile experiment so far and an interesting journey, and I am curious to see where it will lead me next.

OK, I’m feeling a little self-indulgent with tonight’s posting (another theme in  this blog, I guess), so I better bring this entry to a close.

Now on to the second quarter….



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4 Responses to Day 90: Report

  1. Love the idea of a quarterly report. Large enough to show progress or themes, but short enough to seem manageable.

    • Mark says:

      It helps me to have moments when I can pause and look back over the past several weeks–to try to see the patterns in what I’ve been tackling day by day.

  2. ljpaul5b3g says:

    It does feel as though more time has passed when I look at what I have done rather than how many real days have passed. Thanks

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