Day 100: Align

simplifyI have to admit, I have never been a big fan of the phrase “everything happens for a reason.” But every once in a while, there are those moments when a number of events seem to align themselves just so.

We are up in the mountains, taking our first real, tangible steps toward building a new life up here. I’m a little early for an appointment, so I’m spending time walking around campus and taking in the sights.

It’s a beautiful day, and it looks like every student is outside taking in the sun instead of being in class. I see two slack lines, lots of Frisbees, even a couple of hammocks strung up between trees.

And as I’m walking along the brick path, I look down and see this. Talk about feeling like I’m in the right place at the right time.

Even though there’s so much new I’m facing, at this moment, in this space, I feel like I am already home.


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8 Responses to Day 100: Align

  1. Wow! I think you are already home. HDT and the word “simplify” – you are where you should be right now.

    I love the house. And the porch! Have to have a porch! And the porch swing!

    On a good path, my friend.

    Now go to bed!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    Spring in Maine is often gauged by the number of slacklines on campus. Best of luck on your new adventure!

  3. This is so funny, I read your post and thought that since I came to Vegas I’ve heard “the sign” with Ace of Base playing like five times. It’s a Swedish band but they havent played the song in Sweden since it was a hot in the 90’s. And just as I thought that, they started playing it again. Haha! It’s a sign! 😉

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