Day 106: Loosen

I’m not sure I can really put my finger on it, but today, I seem to be “in the flow.”

I’ve been traveling again–this time to Chicago for a conference. Sure, there was the discomfort of airport travel, and that long train ride in town from O’Hare, not to mention the cold….

But all of that was fine.

And I haven’t really nailed down my presentation 100%, so that leaves me just a day to finish things up….

And that’s fine too.

I was reading earlier today (yes, Nancy Bieber–I’m taking my time) about a practice of literally holding objects loosely in your hands as a way of reminding yourself not to grasp too tightly at things (figuratively, that is). I could immediately relate and connected it to rock climbing–I tend to over-grip, which instead of giving me any additional security, simply wears me out that much more quickly.

So maybe that’s what’s been going on today–for today, at least, I’ve managed to loosen my grip.

And it feels pretty good!

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2 Responses to Day 106: Loosen

  1. revdarkwater says:

    Ah, Chicago! One of my homes. I was a south-sider, but rode those rails out to O’Hare sometimes. Much better than driving it! Hope your conference goes great–where are you meeting?

  2. Mark says:

    Mag Mile–lucked out with the weather too. It’s about 60 degrees right now. Can’t speak for tomorrow though….

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