Day 115: Thank

It will have to be a short post tonight–I have to head off to a work-related dinner, then I have evening plans following that, which will probably keep me out late. So just a quick post to check in….

This event that I am going to is a “VIP Dinner,” part of a two-day symposium we are co-sponsoring with some other institutions around town. I had planned to be more involved in this symposium, but the timing didn’t quite work out.

Since we are funding a good portion of this event, I received an invitation to this dinner, but to be honest, I certainly don’t feel very VIP. But as a good friend reminded me not too long ago, events like this have more to do with the people who are organizing them than the “guests of honor.”

So I am off to dinner now, and reminding myself that I am going for the organizers of this event, who have in fact pulled off a great symposium. And I am there really for one reason: to acknowledge a job well done.

That’s all for today–don’t want to be late!

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