Day 123: Demolish

IMG_2343When I started this yearlong project, I didn’t know that I would be getting such a big motivation to reduce our lives to its bare essentials. Nine weeks is not a lot of time to pack up a house and clear out the clutter.

I’ve been taking lots of little steps, which is all good and fine, but it is time to accelerate that process….

So today, I tackled a particularly chaotic corner of our overly-chaotic basement. Or more precisely: I took a sledgehammer to it.

Ever since we moved into this house eleven years ago, we have had an old kitchen cabinet and countertop down in the basement, ostensibly serving as a work and storage space. The reality is: it’s just an ugly, old kitchen cabinet with tons of stuff piled up on it. I am not really much of a handyman, and I don’t think I’m going to dedicate the time and effort to become one anytime soon.

IMG_2345So today, I broke down the cabinet and hauled it away. I have to admit–there is certainly something satisfying about taking a sledgehammer to a disaster area and making it disappear!

In the process, I also managed to fill up two large trash cans with assorted, useless clutter–mostly bits and pieces of things that I’ve held onto, thinking that I might find use for them some day. I also laid out on the curb a bunch of useful things–various household repair and improvement items that are better off going to someone for more handy than me (all of that stuff disappeared from the front of my house within a half hour.)

I’m sure I can and will refine even further the tools and whatnot that I held onto, but for now, just clearing out that musty old cabinet was victory enough.

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7 Responses to Day 123: Demolish

  1. revdarkwater says:

    Hooray for “free to a good home” curbside recycling; it’s worked for us a dozen or more times. I’ll tell my wife about your sledgehammer-plying. She loves a good demolition project!

  2. I would probably be fined for littering if I put anything on the curb, and it feels like Swedes wouldn’t really get that it was for them and would let it sit until it got spoiled 😀 great progress!!

    • Mark says:

      Yes, very different attitude toward “curb shopping” in the US. In fact, as I was laying out more give-away stuff, someone had already pulled up and was loading goodies into his truck. He said “Thank you! Thank you so much!” with so much gratitude it really took me aback.

  3. WOW! That is your most drastic before and after yet!

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