Day 125: Bend

I was all set to tackle that closet tonight, with all of its unnecessary towels and assorted, expired cold remedies and overlooked sundries. I walked into that upstairs bathroom, armed with a couple of plastic trash bags and a fierce look of determination, just as my wife was walking out:

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I thought I would tackle that closet tonight. You know, with all of its–” She cut me off, a tired look in her eyes.

“Can we just do the dishes, get the kids to bed, and call it a night?”

I paused for a moment. I thought about all the really important reasons why tonight I really needed to clear out that closet. How time was short. How we needed to keep up our momentum. So I said to her:

“OK. I’ll go do the dishes.”

There’s great wisdom, I believe, in knowing when to stand firm, and when to bend like a reed. Nothing is gained in being overly rigid. Sure, we need to clear house, and yes, it is important to maintain a daily discipline.

But it is also important to know when to yield.

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