Day 158: Coast

Today was really a pretty easy-going day. I’m staying with my parents for the next few days and really have no plans or commitments until my conference starts later in the week. I hung out with my father for a little while. I played a board game. I went with my parents to their church. That was pretty much my entire day.

I did manage to find a little pile of stuff to purge, though–a stash of old photographs of mine tucked away in a chest of drawers in my old room. I took some time looking through most of them, and tossed anything that didn’t really have any meaning for me–which was probably more than 90%. Other than some family photos and pictures of former pets, just about everything else I tossed.

But that was about it. And I’m fine with that. So rather than trying to force out a topic for today’s entry, I think I’m just going to let today be what it was–a “coast.”

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1 Response to Day 158: Coast

  1. nrhatch says:

    Here’s to coasting with the flow of life.

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