Day 164: Prepone

Sure it’s a word–go ahead and Google it. I’ll wait for you here until you get back….

OK, outside of the three weeks I spent in India about a decade ago, I haven’t actually heard anyone use that word, but what a great concept–and how appropriate for today.

When I started this blog, I was posting as often in the day as I was at night, but over the weeks and months, I have shifted into a late-night writing pattern. Often that makes good sense, since I am reflecting on the day, but it can also create a kind of “blogging pressure” to get my post done when I am tired and wanting to unwind.

So, in keeping with yesterday’s call to reduce potential stress by making preparations, today I am shifting my blog writing to this morning, so I will have a clear plate for this evening.

We fly back to Atlanta later today and will touch down at Hartsfield-Jackson around 8pm. By the time I get back to my house, it will be close to 9pm–and then I’m back in the air about twelve hours later. That leaves me precious little time to see my wife and the two kid I haven’t seen in a week.

Trying to squeeze in some time to write a blog entry during that little window would not simplify my life any, that’s for sure.

So let’s prepone today’s entry. There–we just did it!

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4 Responses to Day 164: Prepone

  1. Julie Buhite says:

    “Prepone.” Adorable. Good for you for finding your writing groove time. I’m working on finding a dedicated time to write, and this post is encouraging. I do know that if I tried to write at night, it would probably come out like baby talk, so at least it’s narrowed down to the morning in my case. Thanks. 🙂

    • Mark says:

      Try different times too. I always remember what a professor told me in grad school: she had always assumed that she was a “night person”…until she tried writing first thing in the morning!

      • Julie Buhite says:

        Hee hee. No, really, my brain is sludge in the evening. Anyway, my bedtime’s at 8 and I work until then. I truly am a morning person in every sense. Feeling frustrated trying to discover a dedicated time to write daily. It’s the one piece of my schedule puzzle that’s out of whack. Wah!

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