Day 178: Seal

IMG_2604Whoa, that’s a ton of stuff!

I mean, literally. That box is supposed to hold 2000 lbs, and I’m guessing that’s probably a pretty good estimate of how much stuff is packed away in there. It took several weeks of intermittent work–and lots of jigsaw puzzle figuring–in order to get that thing packed. And now it’s done, and all sealed up. Tomorrow morning it gets hauled away, and it will remain in storage for the better part of a year.

And in a few more days, the rest of the pods arrive, and we start all over again. Which leads me to make a few observations:

First: Even though I’ve packed away a ton of stuff, I walk around our house and, well, there’s still a lot of stuff around here!

Second: If I could put all of the clothing and papers and books and furniture that we have discarded, donated, or sold over the past six months into a pod, would it equal this one box?

Third: I’ve heard from more than one friend that the most amazing thing about putting stuff into deep storage is–you really don’t miss it.

Which leads me to my final observation: Why does it take packing a ton of stuff into a box and storing it for a year in order to realize that maybe, just maybe, I really don’t need a ton of stuff in my life?

Or three tons, as the case may be.

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4 Responses to Day 178: Seal

  1. nrhatch says:

    Where would we be if we did not spend so much time and energy working to buy, maintain, and stuff our stuff into storage?

    You might appreciate this:

  2. It is so true. We all have mountains of stuff and we don’t even realise it! My challenge seems like a micro challenge compared to your life!!

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