Day 203: Treat

IMG_2694We got ice cream tonight.

Big deal, right? I mean–I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve driven down off the ridge and into town to get some ice cream at our local shop. I’ve joked with the kids that once we moved up here, neither waistline nor wallet would tolerate daily ice cream runs, but something tells me we’ll keep up a steady pace for the next few days at least.

Tonight, we all needed a treat. Or more accurately, I suppose: after a couple of days of settling in, I’ve begun to remember that just being up here is a treat.

Before we drove into town, we made a short pit stop to visit our neighbors, the cattle. My middle child has a thing for cows. In fact, he actually lobbied for us to get a cow once we moved up here. When I asked him why he wanted a cow, he responded:

One: Best pet ever
Two: All the milk you’ll ever need
Three: All the cheese you’ll ever need

And so on. I was not convinced, though I was very amused.

At the ice cream shop, my kids got their usual: Blue Moon. I helped myself to a scoop of coffee ice cream with chocolate chips. Then we walked across the way to the park and sat near the gazebo that the IMG_2696kids’ great-grandfather built. And after that, the two of them went off to the swings, and I watched them play.

Yes, the whole evening was a treat. But of course, it was only a treat because I treated it that way.

Earlier in the evening, while I was making dinner and setting up the new modem (so much for monotasking), I was fussing at the kids for doing the exact same thing: being kids. So what was different about after dinner? Just my attitude.

It’s not as though I expect to be able to live my life in a state of suspended bliss, but with practice, I am hoping to be able to capture more moments like tonight.

And the truth is: those moments are happening all the time. For example: should I be writing this blog entry right now, or sitting with my kids watching a movie?

Time to click the Publish button!

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2 Responses to Day 203: Treat

  1. Frances says:

    Well, whilst you still have a lot to do, the worst is over now that you have finally moved so keep yourself going with that thought! I am willing to bet that by the time you unpack those pods, you (a) wont remember what you have in them, and (b) that you will think, when you unpack them, why the heck did we think that was worth keeping?!

    My sincere condolences to you and your wife, on the loss of her father. It is very hard, I lost my father early in January and we are still coming up for air every so often, what with missing him and all the stuff that needs to be done following a death.

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