Day 206: Hunker

Well, it’s not exactly camping, but I am “roughing it” in a way–I’m back at our house in Atlanta for (hopefully) the final weekend of clear out and clean up. There’s no furniture left, so I’m sleeping on a sleeping bag and eating microwaveable food.

I know, I know: it’s not exactly my most enlightened of entries.

In fact, tonight is really not much more than a check-in. I’ve only been here four or five hours, and I’ve already done quite a bit. And I’ve already been through a whole range of emotions–from the disappointment of seeing just how much still needs to be done when I first walked in the door…to the exhilaration of walking out of a room and declaring it “done.”

Tomorrow: I have to tackle the basement….

OK, it’s 2am. Time to hunker down and get some sleep.

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3 Responses to Day 206: Hunker

  1. pencilgrub says:

    The challenges you have been facing continue to parallel my experience my departure from Atlanta, but with significant differences. Carol had already moved to Des Moines and Traver had moved to GCSU. But still. That last night I slept on the floor with the few things I would take in my car, a lot of cleaning supplies, and a huge cavernous house with hardwood floors. A

    At the same time, I was enthralled by the emptiness and the closure. “Finally, this part is done.” At the same time, wanting so much to be gone. It was the long, long, long goodbye. And given the me that was in Atlanta who was not to be, and the one who was going somewhere else to be something else, I wanted to flee.

  2. Good luck – I hope it’s quicker and easier than you are imagining!! 🙂

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