Day 220: Shuffle

OK, today might be a bit of a cheat–but it’s something.

We have had a modest pile of boxes sitting in the front room of our house. They were neatly piled, but still: a pile of boxes is a pile of boxes. I’ve done a fairly decent job of treating them as though they were invisible for the past week, but this evening, I cleared them out of that room.

I’d like to say that I unpacked each box and put things in their proper place, taking the opportunity to shed a bit more unnecessary clutter along the way.

But I didn’t.

I cleared out one, big box. But then another box (filled with those unsorted pictures) I moved to a closet. And another box went up into the attic. It was less of an uncluttering than a shuffling of piles.

In the process, though, I managed to make our front room look more like a living space, rather than a warehouse.

Like I said: not much of a challenge today, but hey–it’s been a long day.

And progress is progress.


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