Day 230: Apportion

Sufficient unto the day are the committee meetings thereof.

It’s been a long first day of meetings at the university, and tomorrow will be the first day of classes. It is also the first day of school for my kids.

Tomorrow morning is going to be rough.

I’ve had a busy day, and a busy evening, but I’m sure that there is more for me to do today. More preparation for my own class. More preparation for the kids’ morning. More unpacking and more organizing. More thoughtful reflection on what it was that I did today to try to live my life more simply, more directly, and more deliberately.

But I think the real lesson for today, at this moment,  (one that I have reflected on before over the past 30+ weeks) is learning when to say “enough.” Sure, I could do more–but at what gain, and at what cost?

So I’m drawing a line on this day. It goes this far.

And that is enough.


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