Day 233: Transition

I’ve  noticed something recently, which has made a little concerned: I have struggled more in the past week or so writing this blog than I have over the past 32 weeks. I don’t think I am “running out of steam,” but I do realize that I am transitioning from a period of intense, focused activity–all driven toward a very quantifiable and measurable change–into a period of settling and integrating. “Taking action” is just a little harder to measure.

But rather than beating myself up for this, I’ve been trying to allow myself this period of transition. By no means am I “done” with this project–and really, once the year is up, I still won’t be finished….

So maybe tomorrow I will think of something simple. Just one, simple act to serve as a waypoint, marking where I am at right now, and where this path may be leading me.

I was going to end this post right there, but I thought I would add just one more thing, random as it may be. As I was walking into the kitchen this morning to start the coffee, I suddenly remembered: I have four tons of stuff stored somewhere in North Carolina!

I looked around, and I couldn’t imagine what I would do with that stuff, or why I had it in the first place.

That shift in perspective is a transition in its own right, I would say.

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4 Responses to Day 233: Transition

  1. Lauren says:

    If only it were as easy as selling them on Ebay as “grab bags.”

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