Day 237: Conserve

OK, so today is just the start of a challenge that will take a while to address, I’m afraid.

We have a bit of a mystery on our hands: somehow, we are burning about twice as much electricity up here in the mountains than we were down in Georgia–and that’s without air conditioning.

Now granted, we have an electric water heater instead of gas, and our stove top is electric as well. But this house, as I’ve noted before, is quite a bit smaller, and with no AC running, I did not expect to see that we were averaging 77 KWh per day!

So I found an online tool––to help me figure out what is going on, and what I might be able to do to reduce our consumption and conserve on electricity. Sure, paying attention to the lights left on is one thing, but there are probably some bigger energy-hog items we will need to address. The old, electric clothes dryer, for example. While I am not a fan of unnecessary purchases, would it be doing the right thing to trade in an appliance probably well into its third decade for something more energy efficient?

Then there’s the water heater. Better insulation would help us conserve energy (both electric and thermal), but I could probably have a look at the temperature settings and scale it back a few degrees.

Sure, there’s a money motivation to all of this, but I think the bigger piece for me today was coming to terms with that gap between what I think I am doing (living somewhat more simply) and what my utilities tell me is the case (burning all those kilowatt-hours).

So, time to look at our (energy) consumption, and time to figure out how to cut back and conserve.

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4 Responses to Day 237: Conserve

  1. revdarkwater says:

    That you were attending to your use already is admirable! Please let us know what you learn and decide to do. I think it will be inspiring. My “too sense”: many upgrades for energy efficiency achieve more than one good. Lower operating costs for the life of the device and less consumption.

  2. jasminkrat says:

    We’ve been using a similar tool through our utility company. They send us a pie chart each month detailing how our energy is being used in different areas of our apartment. Even though there’s not much we can do to cut down our costs, it’s nice to be conscientious of our energy use. I hope the mystery is solved quickly!

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