Day 244: Transpose

Today wasn’t a challenge. It was easy.

We had friends from Atlanta pass by today. They had spent the weekend cycling on the Virginia Creeper Trail, and their drive back home sent them right through our town. We met for breakfast and then invited them back to the house to show them our home.

Of course, I was reconnecting with some Atlanta friends yesterday, and we have had other friends pass through as well.

So maybe today felt a little different because these friends also used to live up in this neck of the woods once upon a time. And now we are living here–and in some ways, we now have a new, shared context for our ongoing friendship.

Same melody, different key.

We had a really nice meal at a restaurant downtown. We shared stories–and we even discovered that one of my new acquaintances up here was an old friend of theirs from over twenty years ago.

Small world. Well, small town at least.

After breakfast, we brought them back up the hill. We walked the property for a bit and then chatted a bit more before they had to head out on the road once again.

It was just a short visit, but it felt good to share a morning together up in the mountains that we all love.

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