Day 260: Surrender

So I’ve had that old Cheap Trick song stuck in my head today.

I never like going into too many details when they don’t seem relevant, and I think today is one of those instances. All that I really need to note is that today I realized that I have been caught up in a bit of a power struggle without even being fully aware of it. And once I realized that today, I decided simply to let go.

And just like that, the stress that had been creeping into my daily life simply disappeared.

Oh, I’m sure it will creep back in. And I’m sure I will find myself tangled up in something soon enough–either the same knot, or a different one. But it’s always helpful to have a reminder of just how easy it can be simply to surrender the struggle, and then carry on.

I know it sounds like a bad word–fighting, struggling, persevering: those are the action verbs we champion and reward. Never surrender, never give up, right?

But try it some time–I highly recommend it. Especially at those times when the only thing you’re really fighting against is yourself.

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