Day 262: Consolidate

Some days it’s all about the little victories.

I seem to be gaining back the initiative to dig into the last of those boxes from the move. Our master bathroom is the worst right now. I ended up leaving the old house with something like five or six boxes of bathroom closet goods–and that was after a considerable purge of both the upstairs and the downstairs closets.

But again–here we are, two months later, and we still have four boxes stacked in the bathroom.

Not that we haven’t dug around in each of them, looking for nail clippers, or antibiotic ointment, or cotton swabs. But we still have four boxes.

So tonight, I tackled two of those boxes–and made them one.

The useful stuff now lives on shelves and in cabinets in our bathrooms. The truly useless made its way into the trash or recycling. And the stuff in between? Well, it all fit nicely into one box.

I figure I can do the same thing with the other two boxes in the next couple of days.

Then maybe do it one more time, with those two consolidated boxes.

Like I said: sometimes it’s the little victories that matter.


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2 Responses to Day 262: Consolidate

  1. Anne Lene says:

    Yes, you have to take your victories where you can 🙂 think I need to take a clue from you, I believe I have a couple of boxes that could need a little consolidation….

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