Day 291: Question

I think I have been putting off this blog post for a little while now, but I’ve had a lingering question in the back of my mind for the past week or so:

Has this blog already served its purpose?

Here I am, just over two months out from the end of the year, and I am having more and more days in which I sit down at night in front of the computer and ask myself: did I really do anything today to simplify my life, or try to live more deliberately?

I suppose questioning the purpose of continuing on is a healthy thing. And certainly the last ten months have had their seasons. First, so much of what I wrote had to do with clearing out the clutter and chaos, and finding ways to dedicate time and space to being home, and being in the now.

Then came the big changes–the move to North Carolina, and the passing of my father-in-law.

And now the settling in. There’s still lots of newness and lots of exploring going on, but by now, we are all settling into familiar grooves, and finding paths through our days that are increasingly routine.

And what will the next two months hold in store for me?

Perhaps what I am questioning today is not how will I maintain my focus on simple, deliberate living for the next 74 days, but rather: how will I maintain a daily practice of living simply, regardless of whether or not I write about it every day?

Or to put it more simply: What about Day 366?

No, this entry will not be my last. I am sure I will continue to find daily touchstones for the next two months. But even if I do not have the answer to tonight’s question, I know that part of this journey I am on involves asking myself just this sort of thing.

So I guess the real question is: Why did it take me so long to ask?

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7 Responses to Day 291: Question

  1. smilecalm says:

    wishing you joy
    in exploring
    each precious, new moment
    with curiosity
    not being caught in questions 🙂

  2. Julie Buhite says:

    I admire your tenacity.

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