Day 302: Sign

So I am back in Atlanta for the next few days, attending a workshop–and visiting with some friends. It’s good to see my friends, that’s for sure, but to be honest there isn’t a lot about the city that I’m missing. Sure, I had good Cuban food tonight, and tomorrow I will probably have momos (and bahn mi on Friday), but other than the food, I have what I need in my new home town.

I haven’t been by the old house yet, but I will have to stop by and load up some boxes that we still have stored there–

Because, if all goes well, we will be under contract to sell that house.

We’ve negotiated back and forth with a potential buyer, but today was the day I let go of whatever was holding me back (that final claim to a final dollar, or perhaps that sense of needing to make sure no one “got over” on me) and signed the latest counter-offer.

It’s good enough. More importantly, it’s a major milestone in moving on to yet another level of moving on.

We will see if everything goes well. For tonight, though, it feels good to have let go.

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3 Responses to Day 302: Sign

  1. Hope it goes well, it’s nice to let go 🙂

  2. Anne Lene says:

    I wish you luck on the house, that all goes well and you get it sold.

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