Day 307: Adjust

OK, so I didn’t stay up late last night, and I actually got to sleep in a little this morning (our kids’ schools had a delayed start to allow the last of the ice on the roads to melt)–but still, I’m feeling pretty worn down today.

I’m guessing it has something to do with being away from work for a few days, and having a stack of catching up to do on my return.

But I’m also thinking that something as simple as a one hour change on the clock has put me a little out of sync.

So I’m trying to adjust. Which really means: ignore the clock, and try to go to bed when my body tells me it’s time to rest.

I’ve had some other adjusting to do as well. I’ve been talking back and forth with our realtor as we are working our way through the post-inspection process. Part of me wants to nit-pick each request for repair. And part of me simply wants to be through with the old house, even if it means having a little less money to spend toward building a new home.

“Should” is a word that can get me into trouble. As in: “I shouldn’t be so tired today.” Or: “I should get no less than $X out of selling this house.” And so on.

So here’s to being a little more supple, and expecting a little less.

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