Day 311: Debunk

Sometimes I feel a bit guilty when I am writing these blog posts. When I started out, there was a lot of house cleaning and purging going on. I tried to balance the “inside” and “outside” jobs–focusing as much on the material clutter as I did the emotional and mental.

Lately, though, I haven’t really focused much on the minimizing and reducing. Part of it, I’m sure, is that I really have downsized quite a bit. But part of it is just an evolution in where I’m putting my energies. Neither reason, though, keeps me from feeling like I should be taking care of some “simplifying” task around the house. There’s always the perennial issues–the pantry, for example. Surely I could do something….

So today, I thought I would tackle some little task around the house–something easy, but something that would put me back in the spirit of some of my earlier decluttering projects.

But then I thought about how busy a week I had at work. And somehow gearing up for a chore seemed like the wrong way to spend a Friday night.

Instead, I made these weird but tasty empanada/calzones for the kids. Then I brewed a pot of tea. And now we’re watching a movie.

Sometimes I need to remind myself not to let my own false impressions of what I should be doing keep me from doing what I really should be doing.

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2 Responses to Day 311: Debunk

  1. I find the challenge is to let go of “should” and just enjoy / focus on what I am actually doing!

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