Day 317: Consult

I am really not one to run out to the doctor. But I also don’t actively avoid seeking treatment when necessary. So today, after six or seven weeks of elbow pain, I decided I should make an appointment with an orthopedist.

Actually, I have an appointment with a physician’s assistant, but close enough for now.

I think things are improving or so they seem to be. In fact, I had that amusing experience today in which shortly after getting off of the phone with the doctor’s office, all of my pain seemed to vanish. I was tempted to call back to say “nevermind,” but I had a feeling that twinge would show up again before bedtime.

Which it did.

So, off I go tomorrow morning, to consult someone with more training and more experience in dealing with tendonitis than this nearly-50-year-old man.

Seeking help can be such a challenge sometimes. I know I don’t have all the answers, so why would I hesitate to consult others who might be able to assist?

I’ve got a three letter word for that….

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