Day 324: Near

Well, here we are, in the home stretch. Tomorrow marks the final 40 days of this daily blog.

Tonight’s entry is another one of those postings in which I write a few sentences, then delete them, and start all over again. I’m not sure exactly what to write tonight, or what exactly I’m mulling over, other than the fact that as I come closer to Day 365, I find myself asking more and more often: come December 31, then what?

I don’t feel the need to continue on with another round of entries. Nor do I feel that somehow I will have accomplished some mission that will finally be complete.

So the question remains:

What will I take away from this year, and where will it lead me?

It’s been a while since I’ve taken time to review previous postings, so I am sure I will be doing more of that as we head into the final month. And I’m sure I’ll be guilty of writing a few more “meta-posts” during those final 40 days as well.

For tonight, though, I think I am comfortable just having those questions in mind–and being open to see what comes next.

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