Day 331: Recreate

We had a lazy Thanksgiving–just the the five of us and my mother-in-law. We made casseroles and turkey and stuffing and so on. We took a moment before eating to honor my father-in-law. And we took turns sharing with each other something for which we were grateful.

This year’s holidays are part repetition and part something new. We had familiar dishes–the spinach and artichoke, the sweet potato with candied pecan topping–but of course, this Thanksgiving we were having to assemble something new, a way of gathering our family and expressing our gratitude for each other, even in the face of such a recent loss.

And of course, all families go through these moments of loss and continuance– or how else would family traditions carry on from one generation to the next?

I think I’ve said it before, but if not, it’s worth repeating today: I’m grateful that my children had the chance to know all four of their grandparents, and were old enough to have lifelong memories to pass on to their children.

And the rest of the day: recreating of a different sort, with both board games and video games, and a healthy dose of free-form running around outside.

Yes, I have much to be thankful for.

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