Day 347: Divvy

Today is a day of multiple interests.

I have my first graduation ceremony to attend this morning, so off I go that that in just a few minutes.

But we also need to find time today to (finally) get a Christmas tree. Yes, I know what day it is….

And I also promised my oldest boy that we would spend time outdoors today climbing, since we’ve had a week off too-cold-for-climbing weather.

And we also have a Christmas party to attend with my wife’s aunt and uncle.

And then we should probably get the tree off of the car roof and into the house today too, even if we don’t start decorating until tomorrow….

That’s a lot to tackle in about 12 hours.

So I’m going to have to watch myself today–to make sure that the clock doesn’t dominate my mind, and to enjoy and appreciate each part of the day as I am experiencing it. My tendency would be to look forward to the next activity and miss the one I’m actually involved with at the moment.

So let’s try something a little different today and see how it feels!

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2 Responses to Day 347: Divvy

  1. I love the word “divvy.” It’s not used enough I believe!

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