Day 349: Crush

OK, it’s a “back to basics” post.

It’s probably not a surprise that we still have some cardboard boxes lurking about the house. And equally unsurprising: the basement has started to pile up with empty boxes that “someday” will make their way to recycling.

So today’s the day!

I managed to fill up the back of my car with crushed cardboard boxes, and now I’m about to haul them off before 6pm when the recycling center closes. It’s a minor victory, I know, but it helps.

Maybe it’s the symbolic value that I appreciate. It’s so easy to forget what a-mouldering in the basement. And it’s always a surprise how, once I make the effort to clear house at the lowest level, I really do feel a difference.

I dunno, maybe I’m stretching the analogy to the breaking point. Maybe it’s best to keep it simple and note how pleasant it is to be able to walk around down in the basement without stumbling over empty boxes!

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