Day 358: Unexpect

Yes, another–and perhaps the last–in a long line of grammatical abuses, all in the name of verbification….

Tonight is Christmas Eve. I come from an Italian family, and without question, Christmas Eve is a big deal. As a family, we would prepare a major meal together, always with lots of seafood (though not always with seven dishes). After dinner there would be plenty more snacking and movie watching. We would stay up late, and just after midnight, gather around the tree and unwrap presents. Sure, Christmas Day we would have another big family meal, and more likely than not make our way to church, but Christmas Eve was always the main event.

This year, we are spending Christmas Eve with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, at their new house. And I am entirely in guest mode. I will lend a hand as best I can wherever my help is needed–but tonight, I am all follow and no lead. They have both been looking forward to hosting Christmas at their house, and I am happy to play my part as guest.

But that means parking all my own expectations about what Christmas Eve is supposed to be. I am sure if I let my expectations run the day, I am bound to be disappointed. But… if I can accept this evening as it comes, for whatever it has to offer, I am sure I will have a wonderful Christmas Eve to remember.

So Happy Christmas Eve, to those of you who celebrate this night–and may yours be filled with unexpected joy!

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