Day 43: Restore

Well, so far Part II of Atlanta’s Winter Weather Advisory doesn’t look too bad. The “wintery mix” showed up around 1am, mostly in the form of snow. It changed over to ice somewhere around 7am this morning, and it’s still falling now. The trees do not look too badly glazed, so hopefully we won’t be losing power. But just in case, I’ll get today’s entry posted early!

I have no interest in living in a museum, but clearly the entire family is benefiting from the ongoing de-cluttering of living spaces taking place throughout the house, such as yesterday’s assault on the office. The problem, of course, is that we have to live in these spaces, so little by little “life” has a way of marking its trail as we make our way through our daily routines.

So today’s focus really is revisiting my reflection on daily practice from a couple of weeks ago. Nothing monumental here, just a heightened awareness to the accretion of everyday life around the house, with an intention to restoring these spaces to their use and purpose in our home.

Other than that, and the at-home work I need to do, I expect most of today we will be hunkered down in the house, drinking lots of tea and enjoying another day with the entire family at home.

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