Day 59: Distill

wordleWell, here we are at the end of February. Last month, I took a couple of days to review everything I had written, and to try to extract some patterns in all of these daily experiments. I thought I would try something similar today, but more visual. I plugged the entire contents of the past 58 days of blogging into Wordle to create a word cloud, and this is what I got.

I’m going to pretty much let this image speak for itself as a blog post–and use it as a mandala of sorts for myself. Some of what I see here resonates with me pretty strongly–seeing “today” as the largest word, for example. And some of what I see probably just reflects the conversational tone of many of these posts (using “pretty” twice in this paragraph, for example).

So with more then 28,500 words behind me, I think I could use a short post at this point, and one that is so visual. So that’s it for now–and perhaps tomorrow I can bring what I see here into a little more focus.

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