Day 83: Accept

I’m going to keep tonight’s post pretty short–in part because I’m feeling just a bit too “in process” right now to formulate my thoughts… and in part because I am just a little bit too tired on a Monday evening.

But today, I’ve been reflecting on something my wife pointed out to me yesterday: I have a hard time accepting gifts. I’m not sure where that comes from, really, but it’s true. And ironically, my life is an abundance of gifts. Right now, for instance, is a kind of gift.

Normally, when I think about “acceptance,” I’m focusing on a different flavor–something more like: “accepting the things I cannot change.” But it strikes me as equally important that I learn to acknowledge and accept all the gifts that I have, and all the good fortune I have received, and continue to receive, each and every day.

Ultimately, I guess I’m talking about gratitude.  It’s as simple as that.

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5 Responses to Day 83: Accept

  1. I had the opportunity today to pay-it-forward with a Liebster Award today to 11 of my favorite blogs. I thought of you right away and look forward to what you write daily. If you want to know more I wrote about in my blog tonight.

  2. I can relate. It’s easy to give (for me) not so easy to receive. But I am aware of this (as you seem to be). So I guess it’s a case as valuing ourselves as much as we value others? Or maybe I’m over-thinking it 😉

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