Day 95: Honor

Today, my wife and I celebrated 17 years of marriage. It was one of those rare years when we managed to go out to dinner on the actual night of our anniversary.

I know we are not unique in having a hard time making the time to go out as a couple. Our weeks are full, and the weekends are not much better. But the truth is–we need to take these moments to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company as a couple. In much the same way that I benefit from a daily practice of making time for quiet sitting, our relationship benefits from intentionally dedicated time together.

As we were driving home from dinner, it struck me just how important it was to use these nights together to honor the relationship we have. Sure, it is fun to go out on a date night, and having fun together is important. But setting aside time together–for dinner, or a movie, or a walk around the park– is also a way of reminding us to respect that relationship–to treat it with care and to acknowledge its strength and value in a deliberate way. And of course, in honoring the relationship, I am honoring my wife–as well as myself.

“Mindful date night” sounds a bit too earnest, perhaps–but you get the picture!


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2 Responses to Day 95: Honor

  1. ljpaul5b3g says:

    We have been married 26 years. And the main thing that has helped us maintain that friendship and “honor” in our relationship was date night. It is the sacred space that we give each other to talk and communicate about our lives. Thanking you for sharing this. I am glad to know others enjoy the beauty of date night.

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