Day 111: Maintain

Mondays are always a bit tough for me to get through more than just the basics. I have tended to focus on quick fix items for the most part–a bookshelf here or there; maybe some refrigerator magnets tossed away–that sort of thing.

So tonight, I’m wandering about the house thinking to myself: there must be something around here that’s easy to declutter, but all I can see are big, daunting tasks.

Meanwhile, the kitchen sink is somewhat overflowing with dishes, and the counters are not looking any better.

So I decide what I really need to do tonight is just do the best I can to maintain a little order, and do the daily.

I’m not sure how mindful I was in loading the dishwasher, but I did make a point of leaving the television off and trying to attend to the task at hand. It was pretty challenging just to stay present in the midst of such a mundane task.

Wow–I’m going to guess that this entry could well be the most boring entry in 111 days. I guess they can’t all be gems….

But there is something to be said about taking the time to do the task right in front of me, rather than hunting for some more “meaningful” way to live simply and deliberately.


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