Day 117: Ease

So I just spent the last half hour walking around the house and feeling pretty overwhelmed.

I had a pretty relaxing day. I slept in, met some Friends in the morning, then took the boys out to the Chattahoochee to do some fishing. Not much luck with the fishing, but we had fun anyway. Then the three of us went out to eat, got some ice cream for dessert, and came back home.

Then I took my stroll around the house and saw all that needs to be done….

So much more stuff to clear out. Outgrown kids’ clothes. Toys. Books. Boxes of files and papers. The list goes on.

Plus all the everyday stuff. I started to list out all of those chores that need my attention, but just writing them down was making my anxiety level creep up.

So tonight, I have two choices: dig in and do something off that list… or allow myself a day of ease.

Today I’m choosing option #2.

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