Day 118: Push

OK, so today’s post is the yang to yesterday’s yin. Or vice versa. Or whatever.

In keeping with my Monday limitations, I have been trying to focus on little tasks that I can complete in a short period of time, but that will still give me a sense of having done something. But–as I noted yesterday–I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with just how much junk we still have. I’ve been an advocate of “little steps” for the past seventeen weeks, but I’m starting to feel like the next little step should involve a bulldozer.

So tonight, instead of leaning and loafing at my ease (to borrow from Whitman), I decided to give myself a little push: just do something!

So I did. That same old treasure chest still had four side drawers that I hadn’t touched yet. Two of them had already been “cleaned out” by my middle child (which meant he dumped stuff from those drawers into the other two drawers so he would have room to store his Xbox game cartridges), so that left me with just two, measly little drawers to tackle. And what did I find worth keeping?

A couple of photos, a wooden spinning top I bought in India, the game Bananagrams, and a couple of other odds and ends. I redistributed these items to better suited locations around the house and left these two drawers empty.

And the rest of the stuff that had been hibernating in these two drawers? Off to the basement, and then off to charity donation!

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2 Responses to Day 118: Push

  1. Keep on going – it’ll be worth it!

    • Mark says:

      Yup–little by little. Though I have to admit I’m getting a bit antsy. I think I’m just about ready to make some big purges. It’s going to have to happen soon!

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