Day 119: Repeat

Boy, there are some days when I think: what a boring blog this must be! Especially on days like today–no big revelations, no deep insights, and no house-cleansing purges. Just basic, daily maintenance.

One little insight–though it’s something I’ve commented on before: I’ve come to recognize how “this thing” that I’m up to, this daily experiment, has its own rhythm, an ebb and a flow. And I’ve started to notice those things that push me off balance, as well as the things that help get me back on the beam.

For instance: I had two weeks of travel, and it’s taken me just about a week to start getting back into a daily routine.

So this morning, even though I was tired, I chose to forgo the snooze button and instead took time to sit quietly. The rest of the day, though, was pretty restless–I got caught up in all sorts of little tasks, and made no time to be present and attentive in the moment. Oh well….

When I got home and started making dinner, I realized something else that had happened during those two weeks of travel–lots of leftovers piling up in little plastic containers, many filled with food no longer fit for human (or canine) consumption.

So I repeated my kitchen sweep, tossing out enough food to make me realize that I still have a ways to go in reducing our food waste.

After the kitchen, I moved onto the dining room, which has started to devolve back into the landing pad for all sorts of just-walked-in-the-door drop-offs. I thought back to a few weeks ago when I reclaimed this table for its intended purpose and repeated that act of transformation.

That’s as far as I got tonight, and that’s fine. As I’ve written before: the goal in returning to these tasks and repeating them is less about “cleaning house” (though I’m happy to have a clean fridge and a clear table) than it is about reclaiming a sense of order and purpose in the house… and a sense of discipline in my own habits.


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2 Responses to Day 119: Repeat

  1. I understand the feeling! With also returning from town, home renovations and a new job I feel a little hum drum!

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