Day 127: Exploit

Oh, I know that sounds like such a bad word, but hear me out.

To be honest, “today’s” challenge has really been going on for the past three days. When I dropped off my oldest at his middle school on Monday, I noticed a sign advertising an upcoming book fair. I asked our carpool companion twins (who are usually more up on these sorts of things) if the school was accepting donations, and they responded yes. Wonderful! Now I just had to figure out where to drop off stacks of books, and when.

And that’s when it got even easier.

As we pulled up into the carpool lane, a parent volunteer handed me a slip of paper, letting me know that the school was looking for donated books, and all I had to do was drop them off any morning during carpool, all week long.

“What about every morning?” I asked.

“We’ll take whatever you’ve got to give!”

So that’s what I’ve done for the past two mornings. Each night, I have wandered about the house from bookshelf to bookshelf, plucking off books that are relatively easy for me to shed. My goal–just two milk crates’ worth of books. That’s all I can fit in my trunk, along with three backpacks and a couple of musical instruments. And that’s about all I can manage in one sitting, without getting too bogged down in deciding what to keep and what to cull.

And that’s been today’s lesson. Or I guess that was Monday’s lesson, if you want to get technical, which has carried over into today–I need to take advantage of every opportunity to make minimizing easier…especially when what I get rid of will ultimately benefit someone else.

Now let’s hope some of those old books actually sell and raise some money for the school!

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4 Responses to Day 127: Exploit

  1. kellie@writingmoment says:

    I love this! What a great idea, if only my sons’ or daughter’s schools would accept book donations!

  2. nrhatch says:

    Go you! Books were always the hardest for me. I felt I should re-read them to make sure that I didn’t want to re-read them again.

    Time consuming, eh?

    For the past couple years, I’ve donated to the local library for its booksale ~ I set a goal to donate 20% of the remaining books on our shelves each year. Now I’m down to about 100 books . . . and still shedding.

    • Mark says:

      I could probably divide my books into three stacks: books that I want to (re)read, books that I want someone else in the family to read, and books that I have because I think I should have them on my shelves. It the third category that I’m trying to clear out first,

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