Day 128: Pack

OK, it was just one bag. But still: it’s a start, right?

I am heading up to North Carolina in about a week and will be taking care of a few odds and ends while I’m there. My wife and I talked about trying to pack up a few things to bring with me on this trip, to help make the big move a little less big. So I started today, with my “winter clothes.”

I wouldn’t say I have a seasonal wardrobe or anything, but I do have quite a pile of sweaters and sweatshirts. I shed quite a few back in January, but I still have probably more than I need.

I tried to fit all of them, along with a couple of heavy, long sleeve jerseys, into a single duffle bag…. and failed. Which was a good thing, really: it gave me an opportunity to shed a few more until I could get the bag zipped shut. I’m sure there are a couple of other sweatshits kicking around the house somewhere, but for all intents and purposes, I’ve managed to get all of my “winter clothes” into a single bag.

That’s all I tackled today–though I plan to have several more bags ready by next Wednesday… maybe even a couple of boxes of books!

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4 Responses to Day 128: Pack

  1. My Light Bag says:

    It’s only when we start packing and moving that we realise how much stuff we have!

    • Mark says:

      So true. I think once we have to start packing up the kids’ clothes, we will have a pretty strong motivation to get rid of lots of outgrown items that we are still holding onto.

  2. Moving is going to so help you cut through it all. I look forward to the post of you unpacking in a few months and you are asking why did I pack that?

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