Day 174: Exhale

So I’m just puttering around the house tonight, to be honest.

I pulled some books off of the last remaining bookshelf and sorted out the ones I wanted to keep and the ones I could give away. I left a big stack behind, though, which I will have to get to another day.

Then I wandered into my daughter’s room and looked at all of the “babyish” stuff on top of her dresser (her word, not mine). I cleared off most of it–but left the other dresser and the wall shelf for tomorrow.

Then I dragged a box of old shoes down to the basement and tossed in a few more random household items that we will be donating to charity later this week.

Oh, and I returned a phone call from someone interested in taking my son’s drums off of our hands.

Yup, another exciting blog entry this one is!

I may not have accomplished a lot tonight, but what I noticed in all of this half-hearted clearing up and clearing out was this: I wasn’t stressed.

Yes, we have about three weeks left to finish packing up the house, but for today at least, everything seems OK.

Somehow, we will manage to get it done–the repairs completed, the house emptied, and the boxes loaded.

I’m sure I will pick up the pace again tomorrow, and probably I will pick up my stress as well. For today, though, I’m going to enjoy this moment of assurance that everything will work its way out.

It may seem a bit out of context to quote Julian of Norwich in a conversation about moving boxes and household cluttter… but I’m going to do so anyway:

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

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6 Responses to Day 174: Exhale

  1. revdarkwater says:

    Ah, Julian. Good for wakes, weddings, and other liminal times.

  2. Good for you to post with so much going on. I feel off the face of the planet!

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