Day 183: Retrace

So here we are at the half-way mark of this 365 day blog.

I’ve been in a reflective mood for the past couple of days, thinking about what ground I’ve covered over the past six months, but today I made it my focus for the day, taking time to retrace my steps through this blog by reading each entry in order. I didn’t manage to cover all 182 previous entries in one day, but I did cover the first 100. I will probably pick up where I left off tomorrow.

It may seem somewhat self-indulgent to say it, but I have to admit I really enjoyed rereading what I wrote, day after day, for those first 100 days. I could see myself on a journey, with plenty of detours and ups and downs along the way.

I’m not sure I can really capture everything I gleamed in rereading those first 100 entries–other than to note that some of the most meaningful “tools” for me along the way have been (surprise!) the simplest: remembering to stop, look, and listen, for example.

It’s also reminded me that even though lately I have been all wrapped up in some big and very visible actions intended to simplify our lives (mostly on the order of massive purges of household goods), I can’t let slide those little acts of discipline that were so important early on in this journey. For example: I still try to have some quiet in the morning, but it has been more haphazard and irregular lately–and decidedly less deliberate.

One of the last posts I read tonight had to do with what happens when we say “yes” to a process of change. I have focused a lot on one particular “yes,” which has led us to our move up to the mountains in just a couple of weeks–but really, this entire year has been about saying “yes” to living more simply and deliberately.

And that path continues to unfold in front of me in joyfully unexpected ways.



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1 Response to Day 183: Retrace

  1. nrhatch says:

    Go you. But remember to stop, look, and listen along the way.

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