Day 188: Punt

Well, it’s the third time in 188 days…that’s better than an 98% completion rate, but I still feel a bit bad about punting on a post.

But it’s nearly 2am….

My middle child had a birthday/going-away party tonight. His plan: Indian food at our place, then a drive-in movie, then a sleep-over.

So…the movie started late and ran for over two and a half hours. I won’t tell you what we saw, but lots of things smashed into lots of other things.

The boys are still awake downstairs… but I am beat.

So the best thing I can do for myself–and my family–is to get some sleep. Tomorrow morning will be here soon enough!

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1 Response to Day 188: Punt

  1. revdarkwater says:

    Ah, but when you punt, you still post … for the win!

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