Day 189: Savor

I have become obsessed with orejas. No, not the body part: the Mexican pan dulce.

We have a great bakery that has opened up just around the corner–La Calavera Bakery. They specialize in a range of awesome breads as well as Latino sweets. Orejas are ear-shaped (well, if you have a good imagination they are ear-shaped) flaky pastries with a crisp, sugar glaze. And they are delicious.

This morning I stopped by and picked up four–one for myself, and three for my co-workers. I don’t think I had backed out of my parking space before I had started in on my pastry, and I was probably halfway through with it before I caught myself.

Then I slowed down. I didn’t pull over the car to savor each bite in true, monotasking splendor… but I did slow down enough to taste what I was eating, and actually enjoy it.

There’s a lot to be said about savoring–and not just the pastry. I’ve reflected before on the truth that we all try to ignore: that today could well be my last. But it’s good for me to have that perspective to help me remember to appreciate the moment I am living, and not to take it for granted. Of course, I have a far less permanent “last” on my horizon–in just a few days, I will be leaving the city that has been my home for twenty years. Each time I make a habitual trip to one of my usual haunts (or new discoveries, as the case may be) around this city, I am aware that it may be the last time I do so for quite a long time.

So today–when I could be present and aware enough to do so–I reflected on all the things that I should be savoring–especially the little stuff: like right now, taking a moment from writing this blog to look out of the second story window of my house and into my backyard. It’s not that it is such an amazing view–but it is a view that will soon be gone.

It is too easy for me to get caught up in all of this moving process. Yes, there are things that need to be done, but not at the expense of savoring the moment in front of me.

Especially if that moment involves a yummy pastry.


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2 Responses to Day 189: Savor

  1. revdarkwater says:

    Oh, oh, oh … San Antonio, must’ve been 1982, on a spring-break work trip to a neighborhood social services center … those pastries for breakfast every morning … memory hurts so good!

    • Mark says:

      Well, it would be a long way to cycle, just for a pastry–but next time you find yourself in the Decatur area, you should pop in. Just get there early, because she does sell out…especially if I’m still in town!

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