Day 217: Alter

Our geriatric cat is discovering her wild side.

Every since moving up to the mountains, Skye has decided that she wants to be an outdoor cat. She had no interest in the outdoors back in Atlanta, but now, every time the front door opens, she and the dog are both there by my feet, ready to explore.

She has altered her morning routine accordingly. Now, when I putter out to the kitchen to get the coffee going, she’s right there behind me, trying her best to join me on the porch for my first cup of coffee.

I have enjoyed finding a new morning routine, and I appreciate the company of Skye the Cat. But this morning, I altered my routine. Not a big deal, I know, but it created a minor dilemma for me–and without any caffeine in my system to help me find my way.

As I was getting ready to pour that first cup of coffee, I noticed the dishes in the sink–we maxed out the dishwasher the night before and left the surplus overnight for a morning wash. Sure, we could have washed that last stack by hand, but there you have it.

So now it was morning, and what was I to do: stick with my routine of a quiet, simple start to the day, and leave the dishes for someone else, or just do the dishes myself.

Yeah, I did the dishes.

I am happy to report, though, that tonight the sink is empty. Skye will be pleased to discover tomorrow that we have returned to our regularly scheduled morning.


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