Day 225: Obey

OK, I’m not exactly proud of today’s entry, but: I got a speeding ticket tonight.

I could probably give you some really good reasons why I didn’t deserve a ticket. After all, the Ranger was at the bottom of a hill, so of course I had picked up speed. And the speed limit had just changed a mile or so back from 45 to 35, so how was I to know?

And so on.

But the fact is: I was driving above the speed limit on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and I earned myself a speeding ticket in the process.

I’m not a scofflaw by any means. And trust me: there are plenty of stretches on the Parkway where just going the speed limit is enough of an adrenaline boost for me. What happened tonight was: I have gotten so used to this little stretch on the Parkway that I stopped paying attention to pesky little things like speed limit signs. Not exactly mindful driving, I must admit.

The strangest part of tonight, though, was how friendly the Ranger seemed. I was apologetic, and in an odd way, so was he. He took more time than I would have expected to lay out for me where the Parkway drops down to 35 MPH–and warned me in particular to watch my speed in Virginia.

So no, I’m not going to dispute the ticket. And yes, I will watch my speed and obey the posted limits.

But more importantly: I will use this ticket as a reminder to stay attentive, even when familiarity starts to set in.


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3 Responses to Day 225: Obey

  1. revdarkwater says:

    Yikes. I’m pretty sure I’ve exceeded 35 mph on the Parkway on a bicycle….

    • Mark says:

      Ha! I’m not surprised. Speaking of: you would be proud of me for getting off the rock for a little while and pedaling about for a change! I picked up a used Schwinn Mesa (several years old, but in decent condition)–probably not the best of bikes, but good enough for my needs!

      • revdarkwater says:

        Excellent! I affirm buying and riding used, too. My workhorse is a 25-year-old Schwinn. If an older bike meets a rider’s present needs, why pay ten times more for this year’s brand new thing? (Though I don’t begrudge the LBS (=Local Bike Shop) its lifeblood.) Enjoy your rides!

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