Day 241: Feel

This morning, after I woke up to the same song I woke up to yesterday, I decided to go back to edit–slightly–what I had posted. I wanted to add just two more lines from the song. So I did. But then I decided to add a link out to the music video. I hadn’t actually ever seen it before. So I sat there, and I watched it.

And it made me cry.

Yes, I am the kind of guy who gets choked up by songs, and movies, and on rare occasions even television commercials. Usually it’s a sign that I’m over-tired–that’s when I seem more vulnerable to gusts of sentimentalism.

But this morning, I’m not sure if that was the case.

I’m not sure really where all that emotion came from, really. The song has beautiful lyrics, and the video paints a sweet and simple collage of faces in love. I think what got to me was how unexpected the moment was. I didn’t anticipate feeling anything at 6:30am in front of my computer, but there I was, confronted with a series of joyful images that touched me deeply enough to bring me to tears.

I sometimes get a bit embarrassed at my sentimentalism. This morning, though, I just went with it.

So now can be the judge, if you want. Pop back to yesterday’s blog post and see for yourself just what a softie I am. Feel free to roll your eyes.

Or if you want, feel free to smile, or to laugh, or to shed a joyful tear.

Whatever you feel. Just go ahead and feel it.

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